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About Team Robocon

Team Robocon participating in ABU Robocon is a group of highly skilled and motivated individuals who work together to design, build, and operate robots for the annual international robot competition held and Organised by Doordarshan currently at IIT Delhi. It Comprises of students from various engineering disciplines, the team members bring their diverse knowledge and expertise to create a robot that can complete specific tasks in the competition. The team works under the guidance of Prof. D.S.S. Sudhakar, Prof. Saurabh Korgaonkar and Prof. Kranti Wagle along with industry professionals, who provide technical guidance, mentorship, and support throughout the development process. The team members use cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art tools to design and build their robots, and they constantly collaborate and innovate to optimize their design and strategy. The Robocon competition is an exciting opportunity for the robotics team to showcase their skills and knowledge, and to learn from other teams from around the world. The team's hard work, dedication, and ingenuity have enabled them to achieve success and recognition in previous competitions, and they are committed to continuing their legacy of excellence in the future.




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