All laboratories are well equipped with state-of-the-art technologies and required softwares . The department has 8 laboratories , providing support to different platforms. The entire campus has Wi-Fi facility encouraging students towards research and development. The department has 6 smart classrooms equipped with latest ICT tools to improve student’s classroom experience. There is also a dedicated classroom for conducting innovative teaching learning activities.

Advanced computing & Machine Learning Lab (601)

Faculty-In-charge: Prof. Supriya S. Kamoji & Prof. Sangeeta Parshionikar

This laboratory facilitates students to develop self-learning computer systems by combining algorithms and statistical models and in turn develop cutting edge applications . The laboratory has NVIDIA Tesla V100S having 32GB GPU, 2 physical processor which are capable of connecting 32 cores. Laboratory offers a platform for High Performance Computing to excel at both computational scientific simulation and Data Science to find insights of data.


Distributed Computing Lab (602)

Faculty-In-charge: Prof. Monica Khanore   

This laboratory facilitates students  to analyze and design distributed applications, exploring various algorithms.This lab is fully equipped with different tools and technologies that helps students explore different aspects of distributed computing in various environments


Database Management System Lab (603)

Faculty-In-charge: Prof. Jagruti Nagaonkar & Prof. Heena Pendhari

This laboratory facilitates students to provide a strong formal foundation in database concepts, technology and practice to the students to groom them into well-informed database application developers. The laboratory is facilitated with Postgresql, pg Admin III  and MySQL workbench to gain hands-on experience of databases, advance databases, and other related subjects.

Analysis of Algorithm Lab (604)

Faculty-In-charge: Prof. Ashwini Pansare & Prof. Prachi Patil

This laboratory facilitates students with  the requisite environment for design and analysis of algorithms to solve complex problems in the field of computer science. Students gain practical knowledge by writing and executing programs in different languages using various data structures and algorithm principles. The latest platforms compilers are provided to the students to run their programs.


CN & Security Lab (609)

Faculty-In-charge: Prof. Monali Shetty & Prof. Parshvi Shah

This laboratory facilitates students with hands-on exercises to learn how to design, build, secure, monitor and manage secure systems and heterogeneous networks. The lab is equipped with D-Link wireless LAN technologies including the Air Premier and unified wireless solution

Web Technology & Software Engineering Lab (611)

Faculty-In-charge: Prof. Roshni Padate & Prof. Prajakta Dhamnaskar

This laboratory facilitates students with hands-on experience on different aspects of Web technology and Software Engineering. The lab provides various tools and technologies to support development of software projects.


Computer Programming Lab (710)

Faculty-In-charge: Prof. Kalpana Deorukhkar & Prof. Kranti Wagle

This laboratory facilitates students to get the practical experience of solving real-world problems using computer programming. The laboratory contains 50 thin clients running on Ubuntu. Nodes are hosted to support various programming languages.


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