Overview - Campus Placements

The Training & Placement Office (TPO), also called the TPO cell, implements the placement process that aims to match the necessities of the corporate world with the objectives of the students thereby expediting the achievement of synergy between the two. The TPO cell is involved in this process right from the beginning of each academic year. Starting from the preparation of the placement brochure to the pre-placement sessions to the final recruitments, the efforts are always directed towards providing the best interface suited to both, the students and the company.

The TPO cell also caters to the industrial training needs of students through internships, skilled courses and provides placement services to students through on-campus, off-campus & pooled campus interviews. Many multi-national and several well-known Indian conglomerates regularly visit our campus every year for their requirement of high caliber human resources.

 The Training & Placement Office (TPO) motivates and prepares students for the interviews and prospective workplaces. Careful and systematic preparation is initiated and sustained for this purpose. The TPO cell takes pride in offering student services like a consultation on a wide range of issues such as employment, career planning, opportunities available, etc. thereby preparing students effectively for their career. As a result of the highly focused and continuous efforts of the TPO cell, every year almost all eligible students are placed. Many students also fetch multiple placement offers.

The present team under the aegis of the Training & Placement Office (TPO) is comprised of the following staff members, all of whom report to the Institute’s training & placement officer as given below:-

Name of Staff Member Designation & Department Contact No
Mr. Mahesh R. Sharma Training & Placement Officer

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
+91 22-67114045

Mr. Saurabh Korgaonkar

Coordinator – Mechanical Engineering

Mr. Jayen Modi

Coordinator – Electronics & Computer Science

Mr. Vijay Shelake

Coordinator – Computer Engineering

Ms. Swapnali Makadey

Coordinator – AI & Data Science


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